Russian Association of Indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East representatives, the Amur region authorities, Council of Parliament Members, leaders of Even and Evenk communities took part in the meeting.

One of the main topics of agenda was an interaction between industry companies and the Amur region Indigenous peoples. A chairman of the local organization gave an example on constructive dialogue between Indigenous peoples and industry companies implementing their work in a number of regions of the Russian Federation.

According to industry representatives there are no problems in communication with Indigenous peoples, over against industry makers persuade that they accompany a huge social work, including road and power lines building, supporting  national creative teams, funding settlements’ needs, etc.

In the opposite, Indigenous peoples’ representatives find double standards. Infrastructure development of regions and settlements is not a compensation for damage they cause to the indigenous environment.

The Association participants made the recommendation in a draft decision to the Amur Region government to assist in building a constructive dialogue between representatives of industrial companies and the regional Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Amur region.

Russian Association of Indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East, in its turn, came up with a proposal to the Amur region government to consider an issue on introducing an authorized representative of Indigenous peoples into the structure of authorities.