The magazine brought together specialists in different fields of science and culture. The first issue includes articles written by representatives of scientific and educational institutions, members of the University of the Arctic: Gunvor Guttorm from Sami University College presents some examples of the indigenous art programme’s development that has the Sami point of view. Professor Mirja Hiltunen from the University of Lapland and Irina Zemtsova from the Syktyvkar State University describe their studies of the Finno-Ugric traces in places of traditional culture. Yvon Csonka from the University of Greenland and Peter Schweitzer from the University of Alaska Fairbanks examine the commercial potential of Arctic art. The leader of UArctic Thematic network “Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design” Timo Jokela provides a background for objectives, theoretical and methodological foundations that guided the design and implementation of the Master of Arts program in Applied Visual Arts (AVA) at the University of Lapland.

In addition to articles, the magazine will provide its readers with information about best works of traditional culture preserved in museums, libraries and archives. The published interviews will also give a key to understanding the origins of modern life in the Arctic.

The magazine will be issued in electronic format that will provide the opportunity to publish not only texts and images, but also multimedia content. The English electronic version of the magazine is available on the Arctic State Institute of Art and Culture website and in the related file.