"I was very fortunate to fulfill the objective of my studies abroad, which continue in to this day. The knowledge, education, experiences and development that I have had the privilege to immerse myself in, have given so much, for which I am compelled return a lifetime of gratitude."

This is how David Broome from University of Alaska Fairbanks describes his student exchange at UIT The Arctic University of Norway that he did in spring 2013. David's passion for ice hockey led him to participate in one of the most defining communities of his youth and later to return and debut in the Norwegian Second Division. David's exchange in Norway also led him eventually to tackle a Master's degree in natural resource management at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

David Broome

Read the full story on David's north2north experience and the impact it had on his life here. For more follow-up stories from former north2north students, take a look at the article on the Shared Voices 2018 Magazine

north2north is UArctic´s mobility program that provides opportunities to study in different part of the North. For more information on the mobility programme, see here.

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