Dr. Anders Koch is an infectious disease physician by training, a medical epidemiologist and a university professor in Greenland. He has done research on infectious diseases in Greenland for the past 25 years and currently wears four hats: He works as a consultant for the national epidemiologic institute of Denmark, the department of infectious diseases at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, and for the Greenlandic health system, where he is an active clinician for infectious diseases and involved in planning work – being clinically nationally responsible for tuberculosis. In addition, Dr. Koch is involved in the work of the International Circumpolar Surveillance System for Infectious Diseases.

He was asked about coronavirus in the Arctic and the impact on small Arctic communities. The current situation was discussed regarding coronavirus in Greenland, the measures being put in place to flatten the curve of infections to protect Arctic communities against coronavirus and how similar infectious outbreaks have impacted Arctic communities in the past.

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Dr. Anders Koch is the past President of the International Union for Circumpolar Health, one of the Council’s Observers. Visit the IUCH website here.