University of Oulu has published a new brochure about equality and diversity. The brochure presents the objectives of the equality and diversity work, how it is conducted and provides a list of annual events addressing gender equality and diversity on campus. It also exemplifies how both students and staff can promote the equality and diversity goals in their everyday. The GEP is an example of systematic work conducted at the University of Oulu to promote equality and diversity, which is led by the Gender Equality and Diversity Board nominated to the duty by the Rector. Read the brochure here.

University of Oulu is on a right track, but also nationally various issues still require a constant consideration and systematic improvement, as illustrated in EIGE’s gender equality index from 2019.

Today, the 19th of March, is the Day of Equality in Finland. It is also the day of Minna Canth. She is the only woman in Finland, who is commemorated in the form of a national flag day. Minna Canth (1844–1897) was an advocate of women’s rights, who as a writer described women’s daily life and as a journalist brought out societal defects. To learn more about her, watch for example: Finland celebrates equality on Minna Canth Day.

Leena Pääsky, Project planner
Mervi Heikkinen, University Researcher, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Gender in the Arctic Knowledge Production​
Sari Harmoinen, Vice-dean Education

W-STEM -project team at University of Oulu