The problem of reindeer brucellosis, which arose in the 1960s, still in dangerous stage. During last years, Yakut State Agriculture Academy has made a great contribution to solving this problem in Yakutia.

Brucellosis causes significant economic damage to reindeer husbandry. Moreover, there is a connection between the presence of brucellosis infection among reindeer and the level of infection of certain indigenous groups.

Epizootics of brucellosis etiology recorded in regions of Yakutia significantly reduce the effectiveness of reindeer husbandry. In most cases, brucellosis appears chronically for several years, which makes more difficult to eradicate this infection in conditions of reindeer husbandry and contributes to the formation of persistent, epizootically active infection side.

Students from the Academy will observe and analyze about 6500 reindeers (3 reindeer herds). There are 2 students from Chukotka: Timnenkau Zhanna and Timnenkau Inna (4th year of education) and from Yakutia: Fokin Larion (2nd year), Petrov Aysen (3rd year). They are studying at faculty of veterinary medicine.