The University of the Arctic (UArctic) accepted a new Thematic Network on Circular Economy (UArctic TNCE) among its extensive list of networks in May 2021. As a part of communication activities, new network and its background was introduced in the Lumen - Lapland UAS Journal in October 2021. The article presents the circular economy development work done in the Lapland UAS and how the idea of the international circular economy network was discovered. Additionally, the partners and the first steps of the networks collaboration are introduced shortly.

The network of Circular Economy is hosted by Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS). Challenges involved in the circular economy usually require a multidisciplinary expertise. The overall goal of the UArctic TNCE is therefore to enhance networking and the exchange of knowledge among experts of various disciplines on a national and international level. Cooperation between universities and scientific organisations will provide an opportunity to learn from the specific features of each Arctic area. The UArctic TNCE is at the beginning of its journey to increase the awareness of the circular economy and its connection with sustainable development at the global level.

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