In their meeting, the Board discussed about fundraising, finances and UArctic engagements in the US. The Board heard presentations regarding to the strategic initiatives in fundraising, and approved the new Philanthropy Program Plan for years 2024-2026. They also met with the Board members of the University of the Arctic Foundation (US), and the nominee for US Arctic Ambassador Mike Sfraga from Wilson Center. The Board also approved the UArctic Operating Budget 2024, discussed about national funding elements towards UArctic activities, and UArctic’s external evaluation.

The Board approved the establishment of UArctic Emeritus Chairs and appointed Arja Rautio  (University of Oulu) as the first Emerita Chair, and Melody Brown Burkins (Dartmouth College), Hanne H. Christiansen (University Centre of Svalbard) and Bing Chen (Memorial University of Newfoundland) as members of Mimir – UArctic Academic Advisory Board. Board also approved new policy documents and welcomed two new members to UArctic senior leadership: Nadia Joe of Yukon University as the Vice-President Indigenous and Rickard Danell of Umeå University as the Associate Vice-President Research Analytics.

The Board discussed with researchers and educators of University of Alaska Fairbanks and heard presentations on their educational programs, research activities and community engagement. The UArctic Board members and the University of the Arctic Foundation’s Board members also had a tour in the Museum of the North.