The Polar Initiative develops and executes a set of strategies and corresponding tactics to address the practical questions described below and other critical and emerging issues as they arise. Workshops, program initiatives, policy and business forums, position papers, and other deliverables are designed to address these important issues, targeting local, regional, national, and international decision and policy makers, the general public, industry, and other interested constituents.

As the Arctic becomes more important socially, politically, economically, and environmentally, the Polar Initiative addresses the important practical questions and policy challenges facing the United States, Alaska, and citizens of the North, including:

  • Shipping, port development and infrastructure
  • Environmental security
  • Icebreakers and maritime capabilities
  • The Arctic as an investment venue
  • Telecommunications
  • National security, domain awareness, and the Law of the Sea
  • Alaska's role as America's Arctic state, as well as its unique needs, challenges, and opportunities
  • Public understanding of and appreciation for the importance of the Arctic and Antarctic to our global environment
  • The Arctic-Asia-Pacific Rim Nexus