Closing date: 28 May 2023.

The Full/Associate/Assistant professor of Law specializes in research on sustainability transition from the perspective of law. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation have created a need for radical change in systems of production and consumption. The research area of the position addresses the significance of law in the transformation of systems of production and consumption with the objective of developing research-based legal innovations that promote a fair and just sustainability transition.

The duties of Full/Associate/Assistant Professor include research as well as development of teaching and learning. The person to be appointed to the position may specialize in any area of legal research relevant to sustainability transition research. The relevance of the applicant’s research to sustainability transition research will be assessed on the basis of the applicant’s research plan (max. 3 pages) provided with the application. In the area of research, the duties of Full/Associate/Assistant Professor include conducting high-level scientific research both in Finland and internationally, as well as actively seeking external research funding and projects. In addition, the duties include teaching, supervision of doctoral dissertations, and management and development of research in Finnish and international cooperation networks.

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