The UArctic Networking Sessions are being organized as part of the UArctic Assembly 2023. Please register via the registration form.


Thursday, 25 May 2023
Location: Pavillion Désjardins 4512, Université Laval
Time: 13:00 - 14:00 o'clock


ICARP Follow-up from side-meeting and discussion on research priorities

This session will first summarize shortly the process for fourth International Conference of Arctic Research Planning (ICARP IV) and the Arctic research priorities identified in online UArctic survey, Thematic Networks leadership team and in pre-meeting held at this Assembly meeting. The UArctic community engagement to ICARP IV is open to all UArctic members and therefore this session gives an opportunity particularly for those who missed pre-meeting, to contribute by sharing one’s personal or institutional challenges and issues which should be researched and solved. Those that are needed for the people in the Arctic to keep Arctic as homeland. All this will feed into a report of UArctic community engagement which will be handed to ICARP process and thus it will be taken further into Arctic research planning.

National UArctic funding (mobility, engagement, project funds)

Come and listen about UArctic national project funding calls and how you can get seed money to establish a UArctic Thematic Network, or funding to support your Thematic Network activities.

UArctic Project Call for Networking Activities on Arctic Research and Education (DK, NO, CAN) what is the eligibility criteria, funding amounts, application process, evaluation and reporting back.

UArctic Entrepreneurship Fund

The formation and growth of small and medium enterprises is recognized as a very important factor of economic growth. The UArctic Entrepreneurship Fund is a new initiative that encourages innovation and solutions on a local level. UArctic is committed to playing a role in supporting the development of Northern entrepreneurship and is launching a seed-funding program to support new products and services. This networking session will provide opportunity for follow-up questions and discussion following the launch of the fund during the UArctic Assembly.

Ethics/Ethical guidelines, Environmental Sustainability

The session focuses on interdisciplinary ethics, sharing experiences and best practices in the Arctic research. What are the ethical guidelines for environmental research, and how community based participatory approach is part of our activities?

Concepts and definitions of “Indigenous” and “northern” institutions in UArctic – small northern college

This session provides an opportunity for open discussion on the use of the terms “Indigenous and northern institutions” as defining concepts in UArctic.

How to increase the mobility of northern indigenous students and staff within north2north 

The north2north mobility program was originally created to enhance the mobility of northern indigenous students. Twenty years after the creation of north2north, we can see that the number of northern indigenous students who take part in north2north is still low. We would like to discuss what can be done to involve a greater number of northern indigenous students in mobility activities. We would also like to discuss if increasing the mobility of northern indigenous staff could help to increase the mobility of indigenous students.

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