The third round of the Arctic Connections Fund was launched in March 2023 to help Scottish organizations and communities collaborate with partners in the Arctic. It promotes exchange of expertise on shared issues and aims to raise awareness of common ambitions in line with our Arctic policy framework.

Scotland-based organizations were able to apply for a minimum of £1,000 and maximum of £10,000. Applications were assessed using a competitive scoring process during May and June 2023.

The original available budget for 2023-2024 was £80,000. A total of 43 applications were received, with a very high quality demonstrated. Nine projects were chosen for funding. 

UArctic's member institutions among the successful recipients are:

Grantee: Heriot Watt University
Partner: Green Marine (Canada)
Grant: £9,381.04
Title: Navigating the Future: Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing for a Just and Sustainable Maritime Future

Grantee: Space Scotland
Partners: University of Alaska Fairbanks (USA), The LeadhershipXchange (Shetland) (consultancy), University of Edinburgh
Grant: £10,000
Title: Scottish-Alaskan Partners in the North Conference Planning

Grantee: University of Aberdeen
Partner: Nord University (Norway)
Grant: £9,890
Title: Security Challenges In The Arctic: Developing Awareness And Building Resilience

Grantee: University of Aberdeen
Partner: University of Washington (USA)
Grant: £8,159
Title: Teaching Arctic Environments

Grantee: University of Edinburgh
Partner: Trent University (Canada)
Grant: £10,000
Title: Building a “Network of Networks” (ArcNET2) to Promote Resilient and Sustainable Arctic Environments and Communities

Grantee: University of Strathclyde
Partner: Energi i Nord (Norway)
Grant: £6,114
Title: Scotland/Arctic Regions Net Zero Transition – Common Challenges and Opportunities Seminar

Grantee: UHI West Highland
Partner: University of Lapland (Finland)
Grant: £9,772.59
Title: Inspiring Visitor Engagement with Rural Cultural Heritage Tourism

You can read more about each project from here