Core group members and partners from the Agricultural University of Iceland, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Swedish Lund University, Danish Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen, Canadian University of Montreal, UK´s Universities of Leeds and Birmingham, and German Berlin University, introduced themselves and their projects related to HLD.

Vast majority of the partners is currently leading funded projects on HLD including field measurements in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Sweden, and Antarctica. Important outcomes of these projects are climate impacts of HLD, air pollution in the Arctic, long-range transport of HLD and low latitude dust towards Arctic, and monitoring and modeling HLD.

Our vision of the UArctic TN HLD was discussed to focus promoting UArctic, organize meetings, HLD Workshop and conference sessions, and maintaining website and structuring the delivery of the reports. In addition, preparation started to establish the HLD Catalog of field campaigns with related published papers, overview of successful granted projects and co-operations related to HLD, and a list of public UA TN HLD events. Additional partners were agreed to join the network and teaching-related activities suggested.

UArctic TN HLD is a positive and enthusiastic group of academics, researchers and students to promote the HLD research under the UArctic umbrella.