It is coordinated by the University of Lapland and the school is run in collaboration with the Nord University of Norway, the Umeå University, University of the Highlands and Islands and University of the West of Scotland. The participating students from these institutions study Art, Education, Nature Sciences, Creative Media Practice, Fashion, Art and Social Practice, Mathematics at MA and PhD level.

The 2024 school was launched in March and the Online seminar phase lasts until mid-May. The school continues to fieldwork study when the students gather to Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland in late May. The theme this year is rivers and the impacts of green energy production on river landscapes. The students approach landscape study with different methods and collect data during and after the fieldwork. The school continues in August with process seminars and students are expected to produce art-based productions and visual essays to showcase the results of their investigations. The exhibition opening and the publication launch will take place at the RELATE NORTH symposium in Rovaniemi, in November 2024.

The Lapland Provincial Museum serves as an cross-sectoral expert partner. The development of the summer school is supported by the Nordplus Horizontal program and funding from the Norwegian UArctic.


More information:

Timo Jokela, professor, UArctic Chair of Art, Design and Culture, LiLa project IP, timo.jokela(at)

Elina Härkönen, university lectures, coordinator and responsible tutor of the  LiLa Summer School, elina.harkonen(at)


Photo: A still image of the Umeå University team ’s video presentation of the river workshop March 2024 (Credits Irene Bordignon, Linnea Karlsson, Lotta Lundstedt and Sara Rylander). During the online seminar phase, small landscape workshops are organised and students are encouraged to spend time in their landscape. The visual outcomes of these workshops are presented to other participants to enable ”virtual visits” to different landscapes before the fieldwork.