With "The Arctic, a region of opportunities and challenges, the importance of Sino-Nordic Cooperation” as its overarching theme, the symposium invites presentations that examine:

Session 1: International Cooperation and Arctic Governance, Current and Future Perspectives

Session 2: Arctic: People/s, Rights, and Policies

Session 3: Creating, developing, and sharing Social and Environmental Knowledge in the Arctic

Session 4: Sustainable development in the Arctic, Arctic Resources and Green Transitions and global cooperation

Abstracts will be accepted for oral presentations, and all submissions must be in English

Abstract Submission deadline: June 30th, 2024.

Further information can be found in this document and please feel free to contact the China-Nordic Arctic Research Center Secretariat if you have any questions.

The symposium is convened by University of Iceland, Icelandic Centre for Research, Arctic Portal, and
South China Business College. 

The event is organized by China-Nordic Arctic Research Center (CNARC).