Motivation Letter

What to include in the north2north motivation letter?

Please describe how the courses that you intend to follow at the host institution fit within the north2north mobility program according to one or more of the focus areas.

  • Building Human Capacity in the North: Education and training that are culturally and academically relevant for Northern communities
  • Demography and sustainability: sustainable education that will reverse the decline in term of population growth in the North and help the communities stay in their home villages.
  • Adaptation to Climate Change: Education focusing on the limitation of the climate changes, the evaluation of their impacts on the population and nature and the adaptation to the new environmental situation.
  • The North as a dynamic region: how to contribute to an economic growth in terms of employability, health, infrastructure and culture.

Please describe your social and educational background and your connection to the North.

Please describe the challenges that you meet as a citizen from the North in terms of (for example) environment, demography, education, welfare, labor market or infrastructure.

Please describe how you define yourself as a citizen living in the North and how you see your life in the North or in relation to the North after completing your education.

The motivation letter should not exceed one page (approximately 600 words).