north2north Student Selection Criteria

Special selection criteria must be followed when there are fewer grants and tuition waivers than applicants.

Student Selection criteria for north2north institutional coordinators

The north2north Institutional Coordinator is responsible for the selection of applicants for north2north gramts and tuition waivers according to the following criteria:

  • Participation in University of the Arctic Programs
    Priority will be given to students enrolled in study programs that are endorsed by UArctic (such as Circumpolar or Northern Studies) or activities connected to the Thematic Networks of UArctic at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Non-Traditional Exchange Participants
    Students and institutions normally marginalized by lack of resources or geographical isolation, students from small communities, remote learners, adult / mature students and students from Northern indigenous cultures and communities who are traditionally under-represented should be prioritized in the allocation of grants and tuition waivers.
  • Students who demonstrate a motivation to contribute to the North.
    Diverse criteria should be taken into consideration when evaluating the motivation letter:
    •  The student’s Program of study
    • The student’s the past/future professional and/or academic plans
    • The student’s personal commitment to contribute to the northern region or community
  • Ability of the student to achieve some of UArctic’s goals:
    • Personal growth, instrumental competence and intellectual maturity: the student should describe how he/she will use his/her academic competence to solve some of the challenges in the North.