The Arctic Broadband Forum will bring together educators, researchers and industry from across the World to discuss the challenges, successes and potential of telecommunications and broadband deployment in the Arctic. Specific emphasis will be placed on the role of broadband and digital technologies on the cultural preservation and self-determination of indigenous populations throughout the Arctic. The Forum is an activity of the Thematic Network on Arctic Telecommunications and Networking.

This forum is being held in conjunction with:

International Arctic Assembly, May 9

Mayors' Arctic Roundtable, May 10

Arctic Council Ministerial, May 10-11

Arctic Design Forum, May 13-14 (Anchorage)

Aleutians Policy Tour: Unalaska, St. George, Sand Point, May 12-16

Conference Language: English

Theme: Telecommunications and Broadband in the Arctic

The forum theme is broad, but we especially invite presentations in the following areas:

. Broadband possibilities in Education, Healthcare and Economics in the Arctic
. Digital possibilities for indigenous culture and language preservation
. Digital possibilities for indigenous self-determination

Please submit by email a one-page (500 words or less) abstract of your presentation(s), including your name, affiliation, address, phone and email address. The abstract should include enough detail to allow organizers to consider the presentation to part of TABF 2016

We also welcome suggestions for panel discussions and possible panelists within the theme of the Forum.


PROPOSAL DEADLINE: November 15, 2016

Final program will be ready in February 2017.

Any questions regarding the forum can be addressed to the organizers at

Update and more information can be found at

We accept proposals from all over, but submissions from Arctic regions are especially welcome.