The Thematic Network (TN) Project of “Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and chemicals of emerging concern (CECs) in the Asian Arctic (TN-PCAA)” was officially started in February 2020.

The TN-PCAA intends:

  • to establish a special meridian sampling program including 6 monitoring sites, from Batagaika, Verkhoyansk Region in the Asian Arctic of Russia to the City of Shenzhen, South of China
  • to understand the occurrence, trends, and sources of POPs and CECs in multiple environmental compartments in the Asian Arctic and the Arctic as a whole
  • to study the impact of emissions of POPs and CECs on the health of the ecosystems and indigenous people in the Asian Arctic, and their response to climate change
  • to investigate the differences in sources and fate of the contaminants in both outdoor and indoor environment between Russia in the north and China in the south, and human exposure assessment in the regions The TN-PCAA consists of research and education activities aimed at resolving sustainability questions in the Asian Arctic of Russia and near-Arctic region of China.


  • To be familiar with the TN Project of PCAA.
  • To introduce the research areas and the interests of each partner.
  • To present recent research achievements
  • To identify contributions to the PCAA?
  • To discuss how to be involved with the PCAA?
  • To suggest how to link the PCAA to the education?
  • To make a work plan how to cooperate in COVID-19 epidemic situation.
  • To provide suggestions to the PCAA. How to make this project a better one?
  • To develop a work plan for 2021.


28th Dec, 2020: eWorkshop (The following times are Beijing Time)

18:00-18:15 Opening Ceremony

18:15-18:30 Introduction of the TN PCAA Project

18:30-21:40 Topic Discussion

21:40-22:00 Summary and Workshop Closing

For more information see the TN-PCAA eWorkshop flyer.