Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China (OUC) is a comprehensive university with its strength in oceanography and fisheries science, under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE), one of the national key universities included in the list of “Project 985” and “Project 211”. OUC has three campuses, and there are 17 colleges and one Teaching Center for Fundamental Courses, and one Department of Social Sciences, offering 12 post-doctoral research programs, 80 academic disciplines (majors) authorized to offer Doctoral degrees, 192 disciplines (majors) for Master’s degrees, and 69 undergraduate programs in the fields of Science, Engineering, Agronomy (Fisheries), Pharmaceutics, Economics, Management, Liberal Arts, Law, Education, and History. Over 39,500 registered students, including 8,300 doctoral or master’s degree students (among them over 1,500 are doctoral degree students), 15,500 undergraduates, and 1,200 international students are currently studying at OUC. OUC is staffed with 3,036 faculty members, including three members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and five members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In addition, six Nobel Prize winners have been awarded honorary professorship by OUC. Ten well-known writers have been appointed to be Writers in Residence, together with over 500 experts and scholars from both home and abroad, who have formed the “Corps of Visiting Professors” of OUC. OUC boasts seven key laboratories and four engineering research centers under the MOE, and one key laboratory under the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China. National Research Center for Marine Drug Engineering and Technology, the Chinese Center of Marine Bioengineering under the UNESCO as well as the Research Center for China’s Marine Development is housed at OUC. We also boast a 3500-ton research vessel named “Dong Fang Hong 2” for both education and scientific research. National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology of Qingdao will be put into operation soon. As the cradle of marine-related professionals and the powerhouse to promote advancement in oceanography, OUC has graduated nearly 90 percent of the PhD recipients in the fields of Oceanography and Fishery Sciences in China, ranking No. 1 among all of China’s marine-related institutions in terms of the number of national research projects undertaken,including “Project 973” and “Project 863” as well as projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Adhering to the policy of opening up to the outside world, OUC has currently established friendly cooperative relations with more than 170 universities and research institutions from over 30 countries and regions. OUC has also initiated the establishment of International Association of Marine-Related Institutions (IAMRI), and carries out a number of international cooperative programs in research and education, such as the Sino-German Center for Cooperation in Marine Science and Technology, Sino-Australian Research Center for Coastal Management, Sino-Korean Research Center for Marine Development.

Facts and figures

Web http://www.ouc.edu.cn
Year Established 1924
Total Number of Staff 3036
Number of Academic Staff 1536
Number of Students 27627