The project is led by the University of Washington, and the delegation also included representatives from Trent University, the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the University of Alaska Anchorage - all UArctic members. 

It aims to produce a model for developing and teaching civic education for the circumpolar North and seeks to co-design civic education for the unique context of the North in order to meet the growing needs of new Arctic studies programs.

The project has strong links to UArctic's Circumpolar Studies, with several member of the Laera Institute participating in the project, including Trent's Antony Speca who participated in the visit. Many of the issues that the project is addressing are also strongly linked to processes of Indigenization and decolonization of higher education and research, and the co-production of knowledge. These same issues are also now the focus of UArctic's VP Indigenous and Avatitsinni Committee.

In addition to meeting with the UArctic Secretariat, the group met with the Rector and Director of International Relations of the University of Lapland, representatives from the faculties of Education and Arts and Design, as well as visiting the Arctic Centre and receiving presentations from its research professors.