The two new Thematic Networks are:

Thematic Network on Nordic Snow Network, NordSnowNet, hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland, and led by Ali Nadir Arslan.

Thematic Network on Sustainable Strategies for Waste Removal and Restoration of Arctic Mine Waste Areas, RAMWA, hosted by Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norway, and led by Roland Kallenborn, UArctic Chair in Arctic Environmental Pollution Research.

 Websites for the new Thematic Networks are being prepared and will be launched in the coming weeks. Please follow the Thematic Networks website.

Once approved by the Assembly, the Thematic Networks are given provisional status for a period of one year. In the second year, if the new Thematic Network has shown that activities have been initiated, then their endorsement will become final.

The Assembly thus decided to grant final endorsement to five our Thematic Networks: