Support Letters

UArctic is dedicated to supporting the development of activities by its members and units. A UArctic support letter can help you document that your proposed activity or initiative is rooted in true international networking cooperation. It can also strengthen arguments for wider use of project investment for the funder.

Carrying the signature of the President, UArctic support letters will be promptly issued by the UArctic International Secretariat after a quality review by the relevant UArctic activity area leader.


We will consider support letter requests for activities that are:

  1. For a UArctic-endorsed activity which is part of UArctic's core operations in education, mobility, research programs, or network administration;
  2. For a UArctic-related initiative or project involving an established Program, Thematic Network, and UArctic Institute; or
  3. For a UArctic-relevant activity originating from a UArctic member institution.
  4. General support letters for graduate funding that is not directly connected to a UArctic Thematic Network  project or related activity are not eligible.

Request a support letter

Submit the required information, including the addressee (to whom the letter should be addressed) and details of the project/activity and its relation to UArctic, through the Support Letter Request Form. The UArctic International Secretariat will be in touch if further information is required.


Requests should be submitted at least 14 days in advance of any deadline.


In receiving a letter of support from UArctic, applicants agree to provide the UArctic International Secretariat with:

  1. A copy of the final application or a summary within two weeks after it has been formally submitted
  2. Information on any decision made regarding the application in question, provided within two weeks of receipt