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North2north is the mobility program of the University of the Arctic. Its principles are rooted in the strategic plan, mission and guidelines, aiming at increasing the student, staff and researcher mobility among the Arctic states (USA, Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) and non-Arctic states (France, Scotland and Australia).

The north2north mobility program aims to meet the needs of northern people in northern communities with high-quality education by focusing on an Arctic dimension in course delivery and by facilitating opportunities to study, teach and carry out relevant research in different parts of the North.

UArctic north2north mobility embraces all student, staff and faculty exchanges that can benefit northern populations and create a sense of northern citizenship. north2north also aims to enhance mobility and exchange in the UArctic Thematic Networks and to involve students in research activities.

The current north2north Mobility Guidelines incorporate mobility on all levels: undergraduate, graduate and PhD. The exchange period can be short term from 1–3 weeks, or long term up to one year.  Students, faculty and staff of the Arctic higher education member institutions of the UArctic are eligible to go on a north2north exchange.

What is required to participate?
Institutions must provide a north2north contact person who coordinates the north2north program at the institutional level. The essential role of these contact persons is to ensure commitment of the institution to north2north goals, principles and mechanisms, and to secure communication within the institution as well as between home and host institutions. Institutions must provide and maintain course information in English available for north2north exchange students on the UArctic Studies Catalogue.

Please contact the International Coordination Office:

Organization structure
The program is supported by an international network of north2north coordinators, National Agencies and the International Coordination Office at UiT-The Arctic University of Norway.

north2north Coordinator Network

The north2north institutional coordinators belong to a network and meet regularly to discuss issues related to north2north and share ideas about the future development of the program. They are fundamental to the program’s success through responsibility for both marketing the program to the students and for the quality of the administration of exchange activities. VP Mobility and ICO arrange north2north meetings for the institutional coordinators every second year at least in collaboration with the north2north institution that is hosting the meeting. Meetings are also organized during the UArctic Assembly or during international education fairs such as the EAIE conference or NAFSA.

National Agencies
Some of the Arctic countries have National Agencies with funding for north2north exchanges and some have not. Some of the countries have national north2north funding also for incoming students from some of the other Arctic countries.

See the list of Funding Opportunities by Country.

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