The Arctic Academy selection committee, consisting of Korea Maritime Institute leaders and UArctic’s Senior Management Team, has reviewed 52 nominations from 8 countries and from 30 institutions to the Arctic Academy in Korea in July 2017.

All in all, UArctic received excellent applications from a broad range of disciplines and regions and types of institutions.  Most of the institutions that nominated candidates had run an internal selection process to appoint their candidate so the competition for the student places was extremely high.

21 UArctic applicants out of which 12 were indigenous students from 8 Arctic countries have been chosen to participate in the Arctic Academy in Korea together with 10 Korean students.
The following 21 UArctic applicants have been chosen to participate in the Arctic Academy in Korea:

Alekseev Ivan, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
Angell Ingrid, UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
Baldin  Danil, Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT), Russia
Besseling Dennis, Stockholm University, Sweden
Dietrich Johanna, University of Tampere, Finland
Fisher Monica, Lakehead University, Canada
Fridriksson Fridrik Sigurbjörn, University of Iceland, Iceland
Golomidova Polina, Northern Arctic Federal University, Russia
Gorokhov Vladislav, North-Eastern Federal University, Russia
Hasbrouck  Tessa R. University of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Høegh-Dam Aki Matilda, University of Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark
Keski-Laturi Mikko, University of Turku, Finland
McNeley Bobbie, University of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Park Jay-Kwon, University of Washington, USA
Popova Lena, North-Eastern Federal University, Russia
Qvist Arnatsiaq, University of Greenland, Kingdom of Denmark
Ranta Jenna, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Sumberg Olsen Ernst, University of the Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark
Tanner Kayla, Lakehead University, Canada
Udaltsov Kirill, Murmansk State Technical University, Russia
Zaika Maria, Yugra State University, Russia

For one week in July (6-15), students will be given the chance to participate in lectures and discussions, visit Korea’s Arctic related institutions, and experience traditional and modern Korean culture. 

The KAA experience will be an opportunity to create long-lasting friendships and promote mutual understanding among students from the Arctic region and Korea.

The Academy is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, and students who successfully complete the Program will be given a Participation Certificate jointly by UArctic and KMI .

Both UArctic and the Korea Maritime Institute want to congratulate all the selected students and wish the Arctic Academy the best of success!