Department of Geosciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

As part of NTNU’s Faculty of Engineering, the Department of Geoscience has five research groups, focusing on: Geology; Geophysics; Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics; Mineral Production and HSE; and Well and Reservoir.

The Department offers education at the BSc, MSc and Phd levels within all of its major research fields, and has extensive collaboration with other universities and research institutions, and with leading industry actors.

The Department’s activities contribute to research, development, and innovation within three of NTNU’s main strategic research areas – energy, sustainability, and oceans. With a staff comprising of over 200 people in scientific, technical, and administrative positions, the department is host for, and a partner in, a number of large national and international research projects. As part of the supporting structure for its activities, it is responsible for 14 laboratories, mechanical-, and electronic workshops.

Facts and figures

Year Established 2017
Total Number of Staff 136
Number of Academic Staff 106
Number of Students 425
Focus Areas

The main aim of our research activities is to contribute to efficient and sustainable value creation based on our geological resources. This concerns not only mineralogical resources such as petroleum, ground water and industrial minerals, but also how we use rocks as building foundations for tunnels and caverns and, last but not least, how, through research and teaching, we can secure a safer environment for people who are threatened by rock avalanches, landslides and other geological natural disasters. 

More than 80 PhD candidates, 10 postdoctoral fellows, and 50 professors contribute to RD&I within three of the universities' strategic research areas: energysustainability and oceans

Innovation is central in all work in the department, both in teaching, research and dissemination. Both employees and students have established companies, registered patents and developed technology from research results at the department. The department has a unique and strong collaboration with most geoscience and petroleum companies in Norway, making the department a unique collaborative environment between academia and industry.

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Fields of Study Offered Earth science