Centre for Polar Ecology - University of South Bohemia

The University of South Bohemia is a public university consisting of eight colleges covering a broad range of disciplines from humanities, economy and pedagogy to fisheries, agriculture and sciences. The university focuses on high quality research and all eight colleges are certified and have rights to educate students up to doctoral level. Currently, there are more than 13,000 students who study at the University of South Bohemia, more over than 600 of them in Ph.D. programs. The research and teaching at the university is conducted by more than 800 College university staff. This project will be carried out at the Faculty of Science, which is a college of moderate size with strong commitment to research. Quality of the research at the Faculty of Science is further strengthened by close collaboration with institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences which is located either directly in the campus or nearby. International collaborations at the college are maintained on a lab-to-lab level, with many contacts across EU and non-EU European countries, Japan and USA. The college runs field research stations in Papua-New Guinea and Svalbard. The Faculty of Sciences offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics with strong emphasis on independent research. The college has a long-standing track record of obtaining funding from various granting schemes, both at national and international level.

The Centre for Polar ecology aims to promote and facilitate research and education in polar ecological sciences at the  Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.   CPE operates  the Josef Svoboda research infrastructure and represents the scientific community of the Czech republic in International Arctic Science Committee.

Facts and figures

Web https://www.prf.jcu.cz/en/cpe.html
Year Established 2012
Total Number of Staff 12
Number of Academic Staff 7
Number of Students 11
Focus Areas

The Centre for Polar Ecology is part of the Faculty of Science. The main purpose of CPE is ensuring regular long term ecological research in the Arctic and university education of Polar Ecology and related subjects. In the detail view the research and university education is focused on extreme Arctic environmental biology including microbiology-phycology, botany, zoology-parasitology, physiology and molecular biology. The CPE offers following courses in polar ecology: KBE / 263 Polar Ecology, KBE / 264 Polar Ecology (physical geography) - field exercise, KBE / 265 Polar Ecology (life science) - field exercise, KBO / 323 Polar microbiology and astrobiology, KBO / 325 Introduction to Polar Ecology and KBO / 326 Winter Arctic ecology.

Web link for international students http://polar.prf.jcu.cz
Fields of Study Offered Teaching and training
Environmental science
Life science (broad programmes)