Arctic Studies Center - Liaocheng University

The Arctic Research Center at Liaocheng University, the first academic institution in China to study the social sciences of the Arctic Ocean, was announced in March 2018. The team consists of researchers from China, the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Ireland and other countries, and currently has 8 full-time faculty and 24 part-time researchers, focusing on Arctic anthropology, archaeology, history, international relations. There are three research departments: department of environmental history and archaeology, department of anthropology and ethnology, international affairs and public administration.

Through scientific research, teaching and international exchanges and cooperation, all researchers will build an international Arctic Ocean social science research base for China and the world, providing a unique research and learning space for scholars and students at home and abroad. The Center's goals and missions also include the public promotion of Arctic knowledge and the training of China's future Arctic researchers. The Center's joint training Ph.D. program, in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alaska, USA, was successfully launched in the fall of 2019.


Facts and figures

Year Established 2018
Total Number of Staff 10
Number of Academic Staff 8
Focus Areas

Using theoretical methods such as anthropology, archaeology, history, ecology, geography, and public governance, the team is dedicated to the exploration of polar ethnographic landscapes, the wisdom of indigenous survival in cold environments, and the interaction between humans and the environment for tens of thousands of years. Explore the sustainable development of mankind and the construction of a new path of the community of human destiny.

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