Rashtriya Raksha University

The University aims to become an academic-research-training ecosystem for security and police. Its endeavours focus on highly professional security, police education, research, and training through its qualified civilian and security faculty, committed human resources, motivated participants and students, intellectually stimulating and professional disciplined environment, and world-wide network, sharing, and exchange. It aims at providing security and strategic education in the contemporary and futuristic security and strategic studies and interdisciplinary areas. The University contributes to vision of India of Peace, Prosperous and Stable World in alliance with grand strategic cooperation between like-minded nations and promoting greater understanding between senior security, police officers, diplomats, civil servants and civilians to promote the cause of the Nation. It adopts a two-tier approach, at the national and international levels, in its education, research and training, and extension in order to achieve capabilities to respond to the needs, expectations, and aspirations of the security and strategic institutions and forces as well as law-making, governance, judiciary, economy (agriculture-manufacturing-service sectors) and the civil society organizations. 


Emerge as a Premier Center of Knowledge – University of National Importance, for International and National Stakeholders Seeking Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable World Order.

  • Mission: To identify, prepare and sustain statecraft of national strategic and security culture through continuous enhancement and development of educational, research and training cadres from the security, police and civilian society.
  • Purpose: Holistic Security and Strategic Education is important for the Overall National Security. National Security is an Enabling Driver for Nation’s Peace, Prosperity and Stability. A Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable Nation is Essential for a Similar World Order. To contribute towards creation of Indian Defense Force Culture.
  • Functional Motto: Visionary, Committed and Enlightened Faculty from Civilian and Security and Police Organisations to Provide Best Public and Private Strategic Security and Police Services to the Nation and the World Peace, Prosperity and Stability in general.

Facts and figures

Web https://rru.ac.in/
Year Established 2008
Total Number of Staff 149
Number of Academic Staff 135
Number of Students 1032
Focus Areas

Thematic Focus Areas:

  • National security, defense and strategy
  • International maritime law, security and governance
  • Information technology, artificial intelligence and cyber security
  • Forensic, criminology and behavioural science
  • Law enforcement and criminal justice
  • International cooperation and language
Web link for international students https://rru.ac.in/international-admission/
Fields of Study Offered Training for teachers of vocational subjects
Teacher training and education science (others)
Foreign languages
Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
Accounting and taxation
Life science (broad programmes)
Mathematics and statistics (broad programmes)
Computer science
Computing (broad programmes)
Engineering and engineering trades (broad programmes)
Engineering and engineering trades (others)
Security services (broad programmes)
Military and defence
Security services (others)