National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center

The National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center (NMEFC) , affiliated to Ministry of Natural Resources of China, is financially supported by Chinese government. Our primary functions are marine environment forecasting, marine disaster forecasting and warning, and operation management. We supply service and technical maintenance for marine economy development, marine management, national defense, marine disaster prevention and mitigation, and others. Our center was established in 1965; its predecessor was the State Oceanic Administration Marine Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting General Observatory.

The center has become the authority that specializes in marine environment and marine disaster forecasting and warning, scientific research, and consulting services. In addition to release marine forecasting products regarding ocean waves, storm surges, tsunamis, red tides, sea ice, ocean currents, sea temperature, El Niño, beach forecasting, oil spills, sea level, and marine weather, NMEFC also undertakes the following duties: to establish and guide the China marine environment forecasting operational development plan; to collect and distribute real-time observation data; to provide related services and technical support for public and emergency management; to organize significant marine disaster investigation and assessment; to prepare ‘China Marine Disaster Bulletin’ for carrying out marine scientific research; to produce and disseminate marine climate prediction products, and to be in charge of polar scientific investigation on marine environmental forecasting protection.

The Center has high-performance computer systems, high-definition video production systems, and well-appointed oceanic and atmospheric detection equipment for use in the marine environmental numerical forecasting operation system. NMEFC has high professional quality, with a strong technological marine forecasting and research team. The Center is also authorized by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of Physical Oceanography and Meteorology to grant master’s degree programs. NMEFC with A-level specific qualification on national marine environmental forecasting services undertakes a variety of technical service tasks and achieves good reputation from users of the special service projects.


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Facts and figures

Year Established 1965
Total Number of Staff 358
Number of Academic Staff 245
Number of Students 20
Focus Areas
  • Marine forecasting, warning and analysis products for China Seas Forecasting theory and applications Impact assessment of marine disaster.
  • Physical and ecological marine environmental forecasting and analysis products for coastal and adjacent areas of China Seas (conventional and emergency) Marine environmental impact assessment.
  • Conventional marine weather forecast services (China seas and global ocean) Special meteorological Support work.
  • Polar weather, ocean and sea ice forecast services for Chinese Arctic and Antarctic expedition.
  • Observations on Seawater’s CO2 and atmospheric boundary layer Research on Air-sea interaction and oceanic role in climate change Assimilation and reanalysis products for Long-term ocean data.