Italian Society for International Organization

The Italian Society for International Organization - SIOI is a private, independent non-profit research and training institute. SIOI promotes the study of foreign affairs and global issues through research and educational platforms, high level meetings, public conferences and publications, with the aim of contributing to an in-depth analysis of strategic and interdisciplinary topics pertaining to the work of national, regional and international organizations. SIOI publishes the quarterly magazine "La Comunità Internazionale" (The International Community) devoted to international relations and international law with a wide distribution in scientific and academic circles. Other publications on specific issues are published regularly. With the support of universities and the active contribution of researchers, SIOI also runs the on-line “Observatory on the activities of international and supranational, universal and regional organizations on topics of interest to Italian foreign policy” (OSORIN).

It is the Italian Association for the United Nations - UNA Italy, one of the founding members of the ‘World Federation of the United Nations Associations’ (WFUNA), member of the ‘International Forum on Diplomatic Training’ (IFDT) in Vienna and member of the non-profit association UARCTIC (University of the Arctic). SIOI has its headquarters in the centre of Rome, in Palazzetto Venezia, and has spread over national territory through all of its branches (Turin and Milan), the Office to support the United Nations in Assisi and groups of the Students’ Movement for International Organization - MSOI.

Prominent Italian politicians, professors of international law, and diplomats served and continue to serve as SIOI Presidents and Board members. The current President, elected in April 2023, is Ambassador Riccardo Sessa ( Among various high-level positions, he served as Director General for the Middle East and Mediterranean, Ambassador of Italy to Belgrade, Tehran, and Beijing, and Italian Permanent Representative to NATO in Brussels.

The Director General is Dr. Cristina Puccia; the Co-Director with Responsibility for Training is Dr. Eva Palombo.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1944
Total Number of Staff 12
Number of Academic Staff 70
Number of Students 600
Focus Areas
  • Diplomacy, International Relations, Foreign policy
  • Research and Analysis 
  • Sustainable development, arctic studies and geopolitics, international cooperation
  • International space law
  • Communication, Disinformation and Misinformation 
Fields of Study Offered Teaching and training
Political science and civics
Environmental protection (broad programmes)