Mongolian National University of Education

University Overview

Mongolian National University of Education (MNUE) is a public higher-education institution located in the metropolis of Ulaanbaatar, founded in 1951, and MNUE, instead of the previous name of Mongolian State University of Education, was approved in 2009. MNUE is dedicated to two leading principles: Educational Studies, Teacher Development and Mongolian Studies.


MNUE has 42 departments of 9 schools, 11 training centers ,13 libraries, 24hour library and an enrollment range of 15,229 students. Acceptance rate is 8%.

85% of all Mongolian teachers are graduates of MNUE, and they are now servicing in governmental and private preschools, primary, secondary and higher education sectors of Mongolia.


MNUE offers 53 BA non-teacher or teacher education, 46 MA educational or non-teacher courses and programs, which are accredited by the MNCEA and internationally by AsTEN, ASIIN and AQUIIN. The university also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a 24 hours library, as well as administrative services.


MNUE is a coeducational higher education institution, and its mission is to provide quality education and training to its students, enabling them to become successful professionals and contributing members of society.



Teacher Leadership- the Key to Development.


To become a competitive institution in educational studies, research, and training among Asian universities

To empower students to become effective and innovative educators and practitioners.


The Mongolian National University of Education is a supportive and inclusive community of educator- scholars, who are committed to develop every child.




Fact sheets of MNUE


Faculty and staff 1100

Teaching staff 523

International teaching staff 5

Undergraduate students 10827

Masters students 3159

Doctorate students 1243

International students 1050

Departments 42

Schools 9, affiliated universities in provinces 2

Laboratories 35

Training centers 11

Library 13 including 24-hour library

University buildings 13

Affiliated secondary school

Affiliated kindergarten

Dormitory 7



University Ranking

#2893          In Asia

#4                In Mongolia

#1                 In Education Mongolia


List of MNUE Bachelor and Postgraduate Degree Programs:




  1. D031301 Psychology
  2. D092301 Social Work
  3. D011101 Educational Studies
  4. D011405 Lifelong Teacher Education
  5. D011406 Special Needs Teacher Education
  6. D011401 Mathematics Teacher Education
  7. D011401 Informatics Teacher Education
  8. D011402 Biology Teacher Education
  9. D011402 Geography Teacher Education
  10. D011402 Chemistry Teacher Education
  11. D011402 Physics Teacher Education
  12. D011402 Chemistry and Biology Teacher Education
  13. D011402 Geography and Biology Teacher Education
  14. D011412 Health Teacher Education
  15. D052101 Ecology
  16. D061302 Software
  17. D011403 History Teacher Education
  18. D011403 Social Sciences Teacher Education
  19. D011403 History and Social Sciences Teacher Education
  20. D011407 Mongolian Language and Literature Teacher Education
  21. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /Russian/
  22. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /Korean/
  23. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /Japanese/
  24. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /English/
  25. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /German/
  26. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /Chinese/
  27. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /Russian and Mongolian Language/
  28. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /Russian and English Language/
  29. D032101 Journalism
  30. D011409 Mongolian Language, Literature
  31. D101501 History Tourism
  32. D032202 Archive Studies
  33. D011404 Design and Technology Teacher Education
  34. D011404 Fine Arts Teacher Education
  35. D011404 Design and Technical Drawing Teacher Education
  36. D021201 Fashion Design
  37. D021202 Computer Graphic Design
  38. D021202 Multimedia Design
  39. D011410 Physical Education Teacher Education
  40. D101401 Sports Trainer
  41. D101501 Sports Tourism
  42. D032101 Journalism /Sports/
  43. D011301 Primary Teacher Education
  44. D011404 Music Teacher Education
  45. D011201 Early Childhood Teacher Education
  46. D011404 Music Teacher Education


  1. D011301 Primary Teacher Education
  2. Early Childhood Teacher Education
  3. D011407 Mongolian Language and Literature Teacher Education
  4. D011409 Foreign Language Teacher Education /English/
  5. D011401 Informatics Teacher Education
  6. D092301 Social Work
  7. D011403 History and Social Sciences





  1. E01110101 Educational Studies
  2. E01110102 Educational Administration
  3. E01110103 Education Technology
  4. E01120101 Methodology of Pre-School Education
  5. E01130101 Methodology of Primary Education
  6. E01140101 Mathematics Education
  7. E01140102 Informatics Education
  8. E01140201 Chemistry Education
  9. E01140202 Biology Education
  10. E01140203 Physics Education
  11. E01140204 Geography Education
  12. E01140301 Social Science Education
  13. E01140302 History Education
  14. E01140303 Philosophy Education
  15. E01140304 Political Science and Legal Education
  16. E01140401 Fine Arts and Drawing Education
  17. E01140402 Music Education
  18. E01140403 Art Education
  19. E01140404 Technology Education
  20. E01140501 Lifelong Education
  21. E01140601 Special Needs Education
  22. E01140701 Mongolian Language and Literature Education
  23. E01140901 Foreign Language Education
  24. E01141001 Physical Education
  25. E02120202 Graphic Design
  26. E02130101 Painting
  27. E02220101 History
  28. E02220302 Mongolian Studies
  29. E02230101 Philosophy
  30. E02320201 Linguistics
  31. E02320202 Foreign Language Linguistics
  32. E02320301 Literature Studies
  33. E03110101 Economy
  34. E03120101 Political Science
  35. E03130101 Psychology
  36. E03140201 Sociology
  37. E03210101 Journalism
  38. E05110101 Biology
  39. E05310101 Chemistry
  40. E05330101 Physics
  41. E05410101 Mathematics
  42. E06130401 Information Technology
  43. E09230101 Social Work
  44. E10140101 Sports Coach
  45. E02180101 Arts Studies
  46. E05320201 Geography
  47. E02106 Graphic Design





  • F01110101 Educational Studies
  • F02180101 Arts studies
  • F02220101 History
  • F02220302 Mongolian Studies
  • F02230101 Philosophy
  • F02320201 Linguistics
  • F02320202 Foreign Language Linguistics
  • F02320301 Literature Studies
  • F03120101 Political Science
  • F03130101 Psychology
  • F03210101 Journalism
  • F05410101 Mathematics
  • F05110101 Biology
  • F05310101 Chemistry
  • F05320201 Geography
  • F05330101 Physics
  • F023203 Foreign Language Studies


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Facts and figures

Year Established 1951
Total Number of Staff 936
Number of Academic Staff 560
Number of Students 15000
Focus Areas

Education Studies 

Teacher Development

Teacher Training 

Educational research and publication 

Mongolian Studies


Fields of Study Offered Teacher training and education science (broad programmes)
Teaching and training
Training for pre-school teachers
Training for teachers with subject specialisation
Training for teachers of vocational subjects