Arctic Centre - University of Groningen

The Arctic Centre at University of Groningen is a multidisciplinary polar research centre. We offer bachelor and master courses that are truly interdisciplinary both in content and in the discipline from which the students originate. We are actively involved in many different national and international organisations and networks.

Our main research areas are:

  • the functioning of polar ecosystems;
  • interdisciplinary investigation of long-term human-environment relations using archaeological, anthropological, historical, biological and geographic approaches; and
  • monitoring human impacts on polar environments.

We provide interdisciplinary education for students of various disciplines at bachelor and master level. Our main educational courses are:

  • minor in Arctic and Antarctic studies, which provides a broad social and ecological overview in Arctic human-environment relations and is suitable for student from a variety disciplines. Course instructors carry out original polar research and are involved in policy related organization like the Arctic Council.
  • bachelor courses in Arctic Archaeology and Arctic Anthropology
  • master specialization in Arctic Archaeology

We organise combined research and outreach expeditions like the to raise public awareness and bring scientists, policy makers and politicians together to improve scientific collaboration.

We represent the Netherlands in international bodies like the Arctic Council, SIOS, EU-PolarNet, IASC and manage the Netherlands Arctic Station in Spitsbergen.


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Facts and figures

Year Established 1970
Total Number of Staff 5
Number of Academic Staff 4
Number of Students 30
Focus Areas

- long-term human-environment relations

- ecology of migratory birds

- the origin of emissions in the Arctic

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Fields of Study Offered Social and behavioural science (others)
Biology and biochemistry
Environmental science